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History of Jayco

Our Story

Driven by vision, passion and desire to create a mark in the world, we incepted the company from very humble beginnings in the late 70's. By delivering unique and quality products, we grew from strength to strength achieving one milestone at a time.

The discipline, honesty & empathy ingested since the early days of work, reflects even today in the company's culture and that, we believe, is our constant achievement.

1977 Our story is the manifestation of the dreams, struggles and aspirations of our people. We make fabrics, We challenge what's possible by finding newer possibilities in fabric development. We are Jayco. And this is our story.
1980 First weaving unit was established at GIDC Pandesara, equipped with 16 conventional Looms.
1986 After 6 years of hard work and success, The company had Installed 108 looms in total and split them between 4 main promoters, and continued with 64 conventional looms with Dobby and Jacquard.
1991 Expanded with a New Unit at GIDC Sachin with an additional capacity of 750,000m per annum of grey fabric manufacturing, along with a capacity of 1,500,000m per annum of installed capacity at GIDC Pandesara.
1992 The company has expanded their infrastructure by deploying a polyester Sizing machine at GIDC Sachin.
1996 Split between 2 main promoters Shri Bharatbhai Sachdev and Shri Navinchandra Sachdev, while Bharatbhai retaining "Jayco" brand name. Also, started weaving of new Polyester interlining fabrics, being the innovator by replacing Viscose interlining with Polyester lining fabrics.
1999 A Trend Setting year: Started innovative manufacturing of fancy "Pallu-Border" based sarees fabrics, hence starting a new trend all over, and replicating pure Silk expensive sarees.
2000 The company had further Expanded it’s capacity by importing latest state of art 48 Rapier weaving machines from South Korea, and running 72 conventional Looms with Jacquard, along with 300 conventional looms with jacquard on outsourcing basis. Hence having a total Sales of 2,400,000m annually from polyester based fabrics.
2004 Introducing young blood to the core management: Son of Shri Bharatbhai Sachdev, Shri Rahul Sachdev, joined the business with an IT and management academic background and scaled up manufacturing range of yarn dyed home textile fabrics for renowned exporters of India.
2006 Imported high end, state-of-art Vamatex rapier machines of 360cm with an additional capacity of 600,000m p.a. of wider width fabrics or 1,800,000m of garment width fabrics, being the pioneer in Surat and starting a new trend of wider width fancy Silk look Dyes and Sheer Curtain based Fabrics, supplying to valuable brands of India and Exporters also.
2009 Designed developed and started manufacturing complete replica of Pure Silk Bhagalpuri Silk fabrics in Polyester, and supplying to the big renowned sarees brand , M/S laxmipati Sarees, hence, starting a new trend of silk replicas in the Synthetic textile industry.
2010 Installed an additional, water jet weaving capacity and having an overall sales capacity of 5 million meter of fancy Silk Look synthetic fabrics.
2011 Reached an all time high till date, of manufacturing 7.2 million meter of extremely fancy Saree based fabrics for renowned brands of Surat.
2014 Started manufacturing of Exclusive silk look fabrics in ladies garments field. Also installing further water-jet and rapier facilities with an overall sales of 13.5 million meter per annum.
2017 Reached an all-time high sales by catering exclusive silk look fabrics of renowned brands of sarees, ladies garments and men's garments for dyed and print applications, with a sales of 20 million meter per annum.
2019 Introduced advanced techonology Toyota Air Jet machines with production capacity of 7.5 million meters per annum.
2020 By mid year, started with the production of pure viscose fabrics & marketing them in PAN India.